Company Profile

Incorporated in May of 2000, Quality Design/Build, Incorporated was formed to specialize in Design/Build construction and to provide Effective Project Management for small and large sized projects.  Our mission is to ‘Honor God by providing Quality through Character, Commitment, and Service.’

We Honor God through our Character.  Speaking the truth, acting in a manner that is trustworthy.  Doing what is right. 

We Honor God through our Commitment.  Taking pride in one's work, seeking knowledge, striving for excellence.  

We Honor God through our Service.  Putting others before oneself.  Serving clients and co-workers, functioning as a team player. 

We Honor God through our Initiative.  Seeking ways to improve I problem solve, discovering new and better ways to accomplish goals.  Initiating effective communication and cooperation. 

Our Design/Build team has over 20 years of design experience and over 100 years of construction experience combined.  As a result, our clients will have their projects designed according to their desires and within their budget.  Additionally, we are able to effectively communicate with all parties involved on our projects – architects, engineers and contractors.  As a result, projects are completed ‘on time’, ‘on budget’ and according to the intent of the design with proven construction methods.

Our ‘Turn-Key’ projects can be constructed from a variety of building materials, with basic specifications for all custom designs.  With the DESIGN/BUILD method, we are able to minimize time and cost in planning and construction without compromising QUALITY!